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How to pay or receive your money

Payment via M-pesa

  1. Select Your Desired Provider: First, you need to select the service provider (e.g Mama Fua) you want to use for a particular service and book them.
  1. Input your MPESA transaction number: specify the phone number for the M-PESA transaction and enter the ammount to pay.
  1. Receive a Prompt: Once you've confirmed your number, a payment prompt will be sent to your mobile phone to input your MPESA pin. This will be through notification.
  1. Automatic Payment: Once you input your pin and approve the the M-PESA payment, the money will be automatically transferred.
  1. Provider No-Show: In the event that the service provider you booked does not show up or fails to provide the service, the entire paid money will be reversed back to you.