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General cleaning

General house keeping

The "General Housekeeping" category includes a wide range of cleaning and household tasks. It's suitable for those who need a variety of tasks done around the house within a single booking. For example, you need someone to come do laundry, wash dishes, cook, mop the floors, and wash your car.

Choosing this category means you are looking for a versatile service provider who can handle multiple tasks. Conversely, you should choose an individual category if you only require one particular task or need a skilled service for a specific job.


This "Laundry" individualized category is specifically reserved for situations where you need someone exclusively to handle laundry-related tasks. This includes washing clothes, folding, and ironing. You can opt to select the related tasks under the subcategory or leave it without.

Home Cleaning

The "Home Cleaning" category includes essential cleaning tasks such as mopping floors, washing dishes, cleaning windows, toilets, balconies, and more. This category is particularly appealing for those seeking a comprehensive cleaning of their living space.

Home Cooking

Are you in search of a skilled cook or don't have a live-in maid, or your live-in maid is a terrible cook? The "Home Cooking" category offers a captivating individualized service that provides a diverse range of providers, from formally trained and experienced chefs to self-taught culinary enthusiasts. Choose this category and customize your culinary experience to your exact preferences today.



The caregiving category includes two specialized fields of caregiving.

Child Care

The "Child Care" category offers services such as babysitting and school drop-off & pick-up. This category ensures that your children are well taken care of, whether you need a babysitter for a few hours or regular school transportation.


The "Caregiver" category provides assistance for the sick, elderly, or handicapped individuals. Whether you need someone to care for a sick family member, elderly parents, or individuals with disabilities, this category covers all your caregiving needs.

outdoor cleaning e.g stairs, gardening

Gardening (farm and home)

Don't overlook the often-forgotten outside spaces of your home. The "Gardening (farm and home)" category is designed for diverse tasks integrated in the following categories. If you want to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space, this category is the perfect choice.

Weeding and Pruning

The "Weeding and Pruning" category involves removing weeds and pruning plants to keep your garden healthy and attractive.


The "Sweeping" category includes tasks like sweeping garden paths, driveways, and other outdoor areas to keep them clean and tidy.

Lawn Mowing

The "Lawn Mowing" category focuses on cutting grass to maintain a neat and well-manicured lawn.


The "Trimming" category includes shaping and trimming hedges and shrubs to enhance the appearance of your garden.


The "Watering" category ensures your plants receive adequate water for healthy growth.


Special cooking

Are you in search of a skilled cook or don't have a live-in maid, or your live-in maid's cooking could improve? The "Cooking" category offers a captivating individualized service that provides a diverse range of providers, from formally trained and experienced chefs to self-taught culinary enthusiasts. Whether you need a quick "Maandazi" fix or require full-day culinary support for hosting guests, this category has you covered. Plus, you can fine-tune your choice by specifying the type of cuisine you desire, whether it's Chapati, Western dishes, Swahili dishes, or more. Choose this category and customize your culinary experience to your exact preferences.

Chapati & Maandazi

The "Chapati & Maandazi" category offers specialized cooking services for traditional dishes like Chapati and Maandazi.

Swahili Dishes

The "Swahili Dishes" category includes cooking popular Swahili dishes such as Pilau, ensuring authentic and delicious meals.

Local Dishes

The "Local Dishes" category focuses on preparing traditional local dishes, bringing the flavors of regional cuisine to your table.

Western Dishes

The "Western Dishes" category offers a variety of Western-style meals, perfect for those who enjoy international cuisine.

Indian Dishes

The "Indian Dishes" category includes preparing flavorful Indian cuisine, rich with spices and traditional flavors.

Professional Chefs

The "Professional Chefs" category provides access to formally trained and experienced chefs for specialized cooking needs.

Events Cooking

The "Events Cooking" category offers culinary support for events such as weddings, funerals, and other gatherings, ensuring guests are well-fed with delicious meals.

Indoor cleaning

Special cleaning

Intrigued by the idea of thorough special cleaning? The "Special Cleaning" category includes the following range of essential cleaning types. If you are looking for specialized cleaning, this category is tailored to your needs.

Office Cleaning

The "Office Cleaning" category focuses on maintaining cleanliness in office spaces, including desks, floors, and common areas.

Airbnb, Hotels, Restaurants

The "Airbnb, Hotels, Restaurants" category includes cleaning and maintaining hospitality spaces to ensure they are guest-ready.

Events Cleaning

The "Events Cleaning" category handles cleaning tasks for events such as weddings and funerals, both before and after the event.

Couch (Sofa) and Mattress Cleaning

The "Couch (Sofa) and Mattress Cleaning" category involves deep cleaning and sanitizing of sofas and mattresses.

Carpet Cleaning

The "Carpet Cleaning" category focuses on thoroughly cleaning carpets to remove dirt, stains, and allergens.


The "Fumigation" category provides pest control services to keep your space free from insects and rodents.

other services

Other services

If you haven't found the specific task you need in our individualized categories and require assistance with a completely different chore, you are in the right place.

Security Guards

The "Security Guards" category offers trained security personnel for home or event security, ensuring safety and peace of mind.


The "Driver" category provides professional driving services for your transportation needs.

Maid services

This category is for you who wants to find a maid (live-in or commuting). To meet your precise expectations, you can have a weekly trial before booking the maid on a monthly basis.

Monthly Maid (Live-in)

The "Monthly Maid (Live-in)" category offers a live-in maid for comprehensive household assistance on a monthly basis.

Monthly Maid (Commuting)

The "Monthly Maid (Commuting)" category provides a maid who commutes daily for regular household tasks, available on a monthly basis.

Weekly Trial Maid

The "Weekly Trial Maid" category allows you to try out maid services on a weekly basis to assess suitability for your household needs.

Technical services

This category stands for the many technical services you need for your house and property.


The "Plumber" category handles plumbing tasks such as fixing leaks, installing fixtures, and other plumbing-related services.


The "Electrician" category manages electrical work, including repairs, installations, and maintenance.


The "Welder" category provides welding services for metalwork projects and repairs.


The "Carpenter" category offers carpentry services for furniture making, repairs, and other woodwork projects.

DSTV-CCTV Installer

The "DSTV-CCTV Installer" category includes the installation of DSTV and CCTV systems for entertainment and security purposes.

Masonry (House Building)

The "Masonry (House Building)" category provides masonry services for house construction, renovations, and other building projects.

Marketing and Event Management


The "Marketing" category provides you with marketing professionals for events, products and companies and includes e.g. content creators.

Event Managers

The "Event Managers" category provides you with event professionals, for the planning and smooth execution of events such as weddings, funerals and children parties.

Event Entertainers

The "Event Entertainers" category provides you with event entertainers, such as DJs, MCs, face painters for events such as weddings, funerals and children parties.


The "Photographers" category provides you with photography professionals for events or others.